High skilled personnel
We are a team of highly qualified and result oriented Greece, U.S. and Australian educated lawyers, experts in Greek Law, all bilingual, distinguished for their hard work, diligence, creativity and constant consideration of client goals.
Multi-level legal services, yet cost effectiveness and promptness
As Greek real estate lawyers, we have developed a unique full national network of public notaries, real estate agents, civil engineers and topographers, appraisers, accountants and financial / Bank counsellors; hence, we are in a position to provide cost effective multi-level legal and related services and surprisingly prompt representation for our clients.
High professionalism
We keep our clients constantly and entirely apprised on the development of their Greek estate case making sure that they fully understand the Greek, legal and procedural issues. All documents and reports are drafted in English. We respond to our clients’ inquiries very promptly.
Affiliated offices in the U.S.
We have affiliated offices in the U.S, Canada and Australia, closely working together with our local associate lawyers to the benefit of our clients in the handling of their complex bilateral estate matters.