“I needed to hire an attorney to handle an inheritance issue in Greece. I contacted the Anyfanti & Partners Law Firm and explained what I needed and they promptly and expertly organized all the information and documents for me got the matter resolved quickly. Mrs. Anyfanti is friendly and thorough and I highly recommend her services”
S.M, New York
“Mrs. Anyfanti   was invaluable in helping us through a difficult time. Our relatives in Greece vindicated our family property.  Mrs. Anyfanti walked us through the process and made it easy. She answered our questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!)  Where other law firms thought our case would take too much work, Mrs. Anyfanti saw the potential in my slip/fall case and was willing to do the work others would not. To anyone out there is considering legal action for any kind of inheritance issue I will always say, there are none better than Vasiliki Anyfanti, not only as a superb attorney but also a very fine woman, willing to roll up her sleeves and stand up for her clients. Thanks again Vasiliki, you are the best!”
P.B, Toronto
“I have a property in Athens. It has been expropriated by the Government. I hired Mrs. Anyfanti to do the necessary work to get compensation for the land. She did so with professionalism, integrity, outstanding knowledge and advise to bring my case to a successful conclusion. I highly recommend Mrs. Anyfanti for knowledgeable, professional and timely legal counsel. Thank you!”
D.P, Melbourne

“My husband has a pension issue in Greece and he couldn’t make it over for many years. Mrs. Anyfanti gave for my husband’s   situation as much notice as possible and handled it in only few months!!”

N.K, Sydney
“Mrs. Anyfanti, thank you kindly for all of your help and assistance regarding buying property in Greece. I have told dad about your professionalism and your willingness to help and told him to tell all his friends about you too, as I have done the same. If only we had met you sooner as we had a lot of issues in Greece that you could have settled for us”
H.S, Calgary
“Gaining my Greek citizenship could not have been done any quicker & easier due to the services that Anyfanti & Partners Law Firm offers to abroad clients like myself. I will definitely refer your firm to others. Keep up the good work!”
K.D, Toronto
“Mrs. Anyfanti represented my father’s property interest with ultimate professionalism, integrity and competence. We would like to thank you sincerely for your contribution and personal effort. It is greatly appreciated.”
K.A, New York